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Timber Queensland

Timber Queensland

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Timber Queensland is the peak timber industry body in Queensland. With origins stretching back to 1938, our name is synonymous with impartiality and authority.

We are a commercially-minded, non-profit industry association representing the interests of our members. Our unique and diverse membership base consists of timber businesses from plantation growers, harvesters, sawmillers and merchants through to timber users including manufacturers, architects and builders.

Timber Queensland, on behalf of our members, works to gain the support of politicians, government departments, employer and environmental groups. We are committed to creating greater public and political awareness of the forest and timber industries, and the valuable economic and environmental contribution they make to Queensland.

A key role of Timber Queensland is to support and encourage the development and expansion of the forest and timber industries as a means of securing the long-term business viability of our members.


Powerful voice.

Timber Queensland provides the timber industry with a united voice to participate in developing a whole-of-industry position on issues which impact our members.

Experienced representative.

We represent and protect member interests at all levels of government, in both regulatory and standards forums on issues covering strategic planning and allocation processes, royalties, codes of practice and legislative changes. With 70 years of knowledge and experience Timber Queensland has a proud history of delivering equitable outcomes for members through careful and considered negotiation.

Strategic vision.

Timber Queensland facilitates a forum to develop strategic industry positions on matters such as certification, private native forest management, quality assurance and data collection.

Key advisor.

We deliver real results for our members by providing respected independent and impartial Quality Assurance certification, inspection and technical services as well as providing technical advice, training and education on timber-specific issues via our website, newsletters, meetings and events.

Outcome focused.

Timber Queensland works to create awareness of the benefits and uses of timber and timber products ensuring issues affecting our members are brought to the attention of the news media and wider community.


We offer an avenue for members to influence Australian Standards and building industry policy and assist industry members to acquire Government grant funding to support projects with industry-wide benefits.


The production and use of Queensland timber has become more sustainable than ever. Timber Queensland works with government and industry to improve environmental initiatives, making sustainability our industry’s competitive advantage.


Timber Queensland and it’s forbearers, have been committed to ensuring a vibrant future for the state’s timber industry since 1938.


Timber Queensland formed out of the merger between the Queensland Timber Board (QTB), and the Timber Research and Development Advisory Council (TRADAC).


For the first time in Australia’s timber industry history, Queensland Timber Board and the Conservation Movement work together and sign the South East Queensland Forest Agreement (SEQFA). This has proven to be the most enduring forest agreement in the country.


Queensland Timber Board launches Better Forests Program teaching and learning program.


South Central and North Queensland Timber Research and Development Advisory Councils amalgamate into one entity.

Mid 1970’s – 1980

Five more independent Queensland Timber Trade Associations amalgamate into the Queensland Timber Board.

Mid 1970’s

Queensland Timber Industry Training Council established and funded by Queensland Timber Board (QTB), Timber Research and Development Advisory Council (TRADAC) and Government.


South Central and North Queensland Timber Research and Development Advisory Councils (TRADAC) established for technical research, promotion, marketing, safety and related matters.

Mid 1960’s

Queensland Timber Board incorporate the Building Industry Credit Bureau providing invaluable credit facilities to the building products industries throughout Queensland.


Queensland Timber Stabilisation Board changes name to Queensland Timber Board and combines 10 regional Associations within its structure.


Queensland Timber Stabilisation Board (QTSB) established.

Forest size
Australia has 149 million hectares of forest – 19 % of the total land area. These forests comprise of 147 million hectares of native forest, and 1.82 million hectares of purpose-planted forests or plantations.

35% of Australia’s forests are located in Queensland. With 52.5 million hectares of native forests and 233,000 hectares of plantations the Smart State has the largest forested land area in the country. Despite this, another 100,000 hectares of plantations are required to meet Queensland’s growing demand for timber.

Forest types
Over 92% of Queensland’s forests are sparse forests.

The remaining dense native forests, including native cypress, and commercial plantations growing mainly softwood species, are used to produce timber.

Most of Queensland’s timber is sourced from our mature softwood plantations which are dominated by exotic pine and native hoop pine. However, Queensland has a young and expanding hardwood estate which is likely to start producing timber post 2020.
Forest area, by forest type and jurisdiction (`000 hectares)



500 Brunswick Street
Fortitude Valley
Queensland 4006

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PO Box 2014
Fortitude Valley BC
Queensland 4006

Telephone: 07 3254 1989
Facsimile: 07 3254 1964