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CFP Industries is a leading Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane solar power and solar panels Brisbane installer.

Solar Panels Brisbane

CFP Industries will work with your requirements to ensure that you get an optimal solar package for your Brisbane home or commercial property. We have considerable experience in delivering solar panel installation services and after care. We offer a personalised service and explain everything in a non-technical manner.

By installing even a small solar power unit on your Brisbane home or business you could reduce your carbon emissions by around 20% – which is similar to taking a small car off the road each year.  In summary a solar panel installation on your Brisbane home is:

  • Cost effective
  • Great for the environment
  • Adds value to your home

Why should you choose CFP Industries to install your solar power solutions for your Brisbane commercial or residential property:

  • Expertise in solar panels Brisbane
  • Cost effective solar power solutions
  • Optimally designed  for Brisbane weather
  • Personalised service with quick response time

PV arrays are sized in KWp (Kilowatt-peak), this is the rated output under standard tested conditions. A northern orientated, minimally shaded one KWp per hour array will cover approximately 8 m2 of roof space.

Each year a 1Kw Solar System installed system will:

  • Generate approximately 1752 KW hours of electricity (based on 4.8 hrs per day x KW size x 365 days)
  • Save approximately 753 kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere  (for every KW of electricity generated 0.43kg of CO2 is offset)