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SMarTy Parties

SMarTy Parties

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Full Description

SMarTy Parties! was created in 2011 by a local Sunshine Coast mum.
She had always been interested in natural and organic products, and wanted to develop a range of affordable, high quality organic skin and body care products.

She also wanted to help others learn how easy it is to make their own all-natural, chemical-free products.

Thus in 2010 her aromatherapy business S.M.T. was born and, out of that, SMarTy Parties!

SMarTy Parties! came about when she realised that there was a lack of fun, natural party alternatives in the kids and teens party market.

SMarTy Parties! was an instant hit with her daughter and her friends, so she decided to offer the service to other families wanting a safe and natural but super fun party alternative.

S.M.T., her original business, was (and still is!) all about:

Providing Fresh, All-Natural, Made-to-Order, Quality, Aromatherapy products ;

Teaching others about how affordable it is to make your own products – through our Skin Care Classes and Workshops ;

Helping New Mums and Mums-to-Be to learn about safe, chemical-free alternatives to use on themselves and their new babies.

Now, all of S.M.T.’s products and services are available through this SMarTy Parties! site.

In line with the overall philosophy of its creator, on this website you will also find links to other Australian businesses who share a similar outlook.

Check out the pictures in the right-hand columns to find links to their businesses or information services.

We hope the links help you in planning your celebration and in finding out more about safe, pure, all-natural products.

Teen SMarTy Parties! are Cool, Creative, Fun Parties
For Teens aged 13-17.

At Your Party, Every Guest gets to Make Three, Professional-Grade All-Natural Skin Care or Body Care products.

The Teen Party Guy or Girl gets to choose Three All-Natural Creations they would like to make out of our:

Heavenly Hair Range

Annihilate Acne! Range

Blissful Bath, Massage Magic Range

You can mix-and-match from each range if you like!

On your Party Day, the SMarTy Party Lady will arrive at your Party Venue all ready to help you have an Awesome Party!
The SMarTy Party Lady will bring All of the Ingredients needed to make Your Creations – plus: glass bottles, jars, labels and Posh Party Bags (so that each Teen can take their very own creations home with them!)

As this Party is for Teens, the SMarTy Party Lady will discuss with the party organiser about how he or she would like the party hosted.

SMarTy Parties! are not just for girls?! Boys also get so much out of making their own products and they can choose from a list of more “manly” creations like Mud Bath Soap and Green Goo Hair Gel!

Kawana Office on: 0408 002 385.