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Pizza Capers

Pizza Capers

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The year was 1996 and at the time the convenience food market was overflowing with cheap and nasty ‘junk’ food. There was a real need for change, and it came from the relaxed and leafy suburb of Kenmore in Brisbane’s west – the location of the very first Pizza Capers kitchen.

We wanted to give the people of Brisbane the chance to enjoy an interesting and varied menu, with pizza made using only fresh restaurant quality and wholesome ingredients.

It was a hit. We were a standout, and as word spread the store got busy… Really busy.

After the first year in market a second store was opened in the inner Brisbane suburb of Toowong. Just like our first kitchen in Kenmore, the Toowong store struck a similar chord with the locals.

For the next few years we knuckled down and further developed the menu, concepts and systems. By 2002, with solid foundations built, we added more stores to our growing family – and as 2005 came around we had a dozen kitchens under the Pizza Capers flag.

2005 was also an exciting moment for all those involved and an important milestone for the Pizza Capers brand. With demand and popularity for our pizzas continuing to grow, we welcomed our first franchisees to help open more stores to satisfy the many mouths wanting Capers.

Help Wedgy, Wendy and Doctor Bread save the world from dodgy pizza, and have fun at the same time!

What do you need to be a Caper Crusader? Check in at C.C HQ when you can, and bring your coloured pencils, they are your greatest weapon!

Here you can download fun colour-ins and cool cards, which you can download and make for your family and friends.

Or, you can catch up on all the latest goss in the Adventures of Wedgy comic strip.

P (07) 3279 3311
F (07) 3279 6166
3 / 38 Limestone Street
Darra, QLD, Australia, 4076
We love to receive feedback.
P.O. Box 265
Sumner Park BC, QLD, Australia, 4074