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At McLean’s Dental, we pride ourselves on our ability to competently diagnose and manage all aspects of dentistry, whether you are treated in-house or if we refer you to one of our recommended Specialists.
We aim to treat our clients with empathy and compassion, and to offer the best services available, taking into account the individual’s circumstances and requirements.


Dr Sandy McLean
Principal of McLean’s Dental since 2000, Dr Sandy McLean has practiced a broad range of dentistry across Australia and overseas. He has travelled extensively: through Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, Africa, and the Pacific Islands.

Dr McLean worked as Senior Dentist at Mount Isa Base Hospital for five years, serving the entire Gulf community from smaller rural townships to the indigenous communities. Through this, he gained a heightened understanding of the problems and deficiencies in providing health care to outback regions and underprivileged communities.
Since then, he has worked to further expand the clinical skills required within a busy city practice.
In particular, root canal therapy, crown & bridge work, and implants are Dr McLean’s priorities in professional development.

Dr Simone Faoro
Dr Simone Faoro graduated in Brazil where she worked in private practices before moving to Australia in 2005. Successfully passing the Australian Dental Council examinations in 2007, Dr Faoro was allowed full recognition in Australia as a general Dentist Practitioner.
During her clinical work in Brazil, Dr Faoro gained experience in a broad range of Dentistry. As a special interest, organised and participated in several oral health prevention programs involving the community.
In Australia, Dr Faoro worked at South Brisbane Dental Hospital for Queensland Health and has been at McLean’s Dental since October 2007. Dr Faoro enjoys all aspects of general Dentistry including paediatric Dentistry. Always attending courses to keep up to date on the latest techniques and to give the patient the best result, Dr Faoro discusses with every patient their individual needs and the most appropriate treatment.
Having Portuguese as her native language, Dr Faoro is happy to treat patients from Portuguese speaking communities.

Dr Martha Castro-Ponce
Martha is an overseas trained Dentist who passed Australian Dental Council examinations in 2005. Dr Ponce received her Bachelor of dental Science in 1995 in Valle University Columbia.
She practised dentistry for 6 years before coming to Australia.
Martha has worked in public and private practices in Brisbane for 4 years before joining McLean’s Dental. She enjoys all aspects of dentistry and keeps up to date with new developments, attending educational seminars regularly. Martha speaks Spanish and is happy to see Spanish speaking patients as well.

Dr William Fogarty
Dr Fogarty graduated as a General Dentist at the University of Otago, position working as a Dental Officer for Queensland Health, based in Cairns. He worked in the Cairns community and also travelled to rural and remote locations in Far North Queensland. In this position he gained an understanding of working with individuals from different cultures and their related dental needs.
Since then, Dr Fogarty has worked in private practice in both Sydney and Brisbane; focusing on all aspects of general dentistry.

Ms Norma Collins – Dental Hygienist
Norma has worked in the dental industry for 30 years, initially as a Dental Therapist with Queensland Health and more recently with McLean’s Dental as a Dental Hygienist for the past 5 years. As a Hygienist, Norma’s main focus is on the prevention of oral disease and she enjoys the daily interaction with people from all walks of life.
Norma has also pursued further study in the field of Public Health and has a personal interest in helping orphaned children in Kenya. Within the next few years Norma hopes to travel to Kenya to set up a program to gain better oral health for the children.

Ms Cristel Martini – Dental Hygienist
Christel is the newest Hygienist to join our team. She is originally from Ballarat, Victoria, where her father has had a family dental practice for over 25 years. Christel moved to Brisbane to study, graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Oral Health.
In addition to her role at McLean’s, Christel also works as a Dental Therapist in the School Dental Service, visiting schools around rural Ipswich. Christel is passionate about health promotion, especially for children, and is involved in a number of community oral health promotion programs.

General dental treatment:

The full range of Hygiene Serves, including regular Scaling and Polishing, Oral Hygiene instruction, and screening for oral cancer.
Periodontal dentistry
May involve specialist referrals as required.
Extractions & Oral Surgery
We’ll look after most extractions in-house, under a local anaesthesia. This includes wisdom teeth, as determined by the Dentist.
A complex case may be referred to an Oral Surgeon, and we can access general anaesthesia by referral.
At McLean’s Dental, we tend towards conservative dentistry. Necessary restorative work includes white (composite resin) fillings, and all porcelain and gold inlay and onlay techniques.
Crown and Bridge makes up a large proportion of our work. We can look after all ceramic, porcelain fused to metal, and all gold restorations as required. This includes aesthetic, or cosmetic, dentistry – such as veneers, crowns & bridges, aesthetic reconstructions, and tooth whitening.
Removable dentures
We generally manage orthodontic work by referral.
We can manage and restore implant cases when suited.
Our therapists have over 30 years experience in the school dental therapy program, and are caring and competent when providing all services to school age children.

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