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Fig Tree Pocket SS

Fig Tree Pocket SS

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The school has a positive and supportive atmosphere that has contributed to an enviable reputation. High parent and student satisfaction is evident in the opinion surveys conducted by Education Queensland.
The school community has endorsed an enrolment management plan for the school that will limit the growth of the school in future years. This management plan limits beyond catchment enrolments and maximum numbers to 500 for the short term future of the school.


The school is proud of its dedicated and committed staff, a number of whom have had a long association with the school. Our current staffing includes 18 classroom teachers, 3 specialist teachers for Music, Physical Education and Japanese, 7 teacher aides, a Learning Support Teacher, Guidance Officer, a Chaplain, Computer Technician, a Janitor/Groundsman, 3 Administration Support Staff, a Deputy Principal and Principal.

Outside School Hours Care also operates on the school premises.


Fig Tree Pocket SS students display enthusiasm and commitment towards their school. The students have diverse needs ranging from individuals who experience learning difficulties to a large number who benefit from enriched learning opportunities and experiences.

There are currently 432 students enrolled at Fig Tree Pocket State School, including 40 new Prep students.


Prep is an integral part of our school. Prep features a structured play-based learning program and provides a firm foundation for formal schooling. Children develop their independence and social skills, physical skills, oral language, literacy and numeracy understandings, creativity and curiosity about the world. The Prep initiative brings enrolment schedules into line with other Australian states.


The wearing of school uniforms is valued by our school community as it assists in building pride and school tone. Students are encouraged to take pride in themselves and their appearance.

FORMAL UNIFORM: The school uniform has a blue and white stripe. It is to be worn for formal occasions (eg. photos and excursions) as well as for day to day wear.

SPORTS UNIFORM: A white polo shirt with a navy collar and emblem worn with navy shorts or skirt is the school’s sports uniform. This uniform can be worn for daily use (except formal occasions such as school photos or excursions). An additional light blue T shirt was added to the uniform range in recent years and has become very popular option for both boys and girls.

The school offers a comprehensive curriculum program from Prep to Year 7 that is consistent with Education Queensland policies. The school is very proud of its record of high academic results.

Professional development activities are held continuously throughout the year, for all teachers. Teachers of Years 1-3 continue to provide the highly successful two hour uninterrupted Literacy Block at the beginning of each school day.

All teachers have completed professional development that includes training in the Essential Learnings and Standards. This has been followed by an audit and review of curriculum plans in 2009/10. In 2010 a variety of professional development was provided to staff including: OneSchool training, interactive whiteboard training, Science Sparks program and early years schooling (P-3). In 2011, teachers will be introduced to the Australian Curriculum in readiness for 2012

The school endeavours to assist students to reach their full potential in all areas. To achieve this the school offers a balanced program of academic, social, physical and cultural activities. Many of the children are actively involved in a number of extra curricular activities facilitated by the school and the wider community. Extra curricular activities include; Junior and Senior Choir, the Junior and Senior Concert band, Strings Ensembles and Orchestra, Interschool Sports, Athletics, Competitions and School Camps (Years 5-7).

Supplementary programs include; Instrumental Music Program, Student Council, Enrichment opportunities and Opti-minds.

Physical Education
The physical education specialist teacher works with each class every week. The program aims at developing coordination and physical skills used in sports and leisure activities.

Learning Connections program are offered for Years 1 and 2. Over the year, students are exposed to a variety of sports and programs designed to build skill levels and develop student confidence.

A range of sports opportunities are provided at our school and with other schools. At all times we emphasise participation as well as providing opportunities for students to excel. Events include the Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming Carnivals. Students have the opportunity to be selected to represent the school, district , region or state. Tennis is also very popular. Our school provides a program of intra-school competition in a range of sports.

The three house teams are Kookaburra (yellow), Currawong (red) and Curlew (green). Fig Tree Pocket SS competes in interschool sport in Years 5-7 in the following sports, Softball, T-Ball, Touch Football, Rugby League, Soccer, Netball, Basketball and Tennis.

Our older students are responsible for the lending out of sports equipment at lunch time and all students have access to sporting equipment. The students are able to use the tennis courts, half basketball court, large oval and undercover area for ball games.

Our music specialist teacher works with all children each week. The program focuses on an appreciation of music and the development of musical skills and knowledge.

A team of instrumental music instructors provides small group lessons each week on Brass, Woodwind, Strings and Percussion instruments for students involved in the Instrumental Music program. The strings program commences in Year 3. Lessons for all other instruments commence in Year 5. Inclusion in the program is by selection. Factors considered include: musical aptitude, commitment to the program, physical and behavioural suitability.

The students perform in String ensembles, Junior and Senior Bands.

Languages other than English

At Fig Tree Pocket State School, Japanese is studied from year four through to year seven. These years provide a foundation which will enable learners to progress far more rapidly in later years of study. A functional and integrative approach with other core subject areas underpins current Lote teaching methodology. While studying a range of task based topics and themes, students explore different ways of thinking, learning and communicating using a variety of resources.

Information Communication Technology

In 2009, through funding by our P&C, we have seen the deployment of 44 new computers into classrooms. These are a vital and welcome additional resource for student learning.

Our school has established an excellent reputation as a leader in information learning technology (ICTs) through our ICT / Science Facility where students have access to state-of-the-art computer and science labs with desktop, laptop and presentation facilities. The science laboratory is well resourced and offers students valuable opportunities to extend their learning. Year level programs incorporate the use of the ICT / Science labs with all classes conducting weekly visits.

Students are involved in such projects as digitial photo enhancement, video production, developing radio advetisements, digital portfolios in years 6 and 7, multi-media and animation projects in year 5, PowerPoint, Publisher and drawing projects in Year 3 and 4, and skill development in years 1 and 2. The employment of a computer technician two days per week is an important resource, ensuring that systems continue to run smoothly.

In the younger year levels, computers are used as learning activity centres to support and reinforce concepts taught in class. A variety of software is used to support learning in all areas of the curriculum.

Older year levels utilise computers as tools for creative learning. The emphasis in years 5 to 7 is on accessing and communicating information creatively and developing computer literacy and skills as a preparation for the future. The Media Club, which operates throughout the year, gives students with a particular interest in ICT, a chance to express their creativity and skills in a variety of collaborative projects.

The aims of homework are to consolidate and revise what is learnt in class and establish effective study routines. Our homework approach acknowledges the importance of family life and active pursuits of children and encourages students to plan their time to complete the set tasks within the constraints of their after school commitments.

In years 2-7, students are provided with a homework grid. The grid generally details homework activities for two weeks and allows students and family helpers choice and flexibility on the completion of tasks. The development of the homework grid was the result of research by education consultant, Ian Lillico. The grid broadens the definition of homework to include work done at home and also broadens the definition to include less sedentary activities. The grid recognizes the wide range of after school activities, encourages positive family interactions and allows time for students to pursue their own learning.

Principal Russell Denman

Telephone 07 3327 2111
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Fig Tree Pocket State School
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Fig Tree Pocket
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