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Avant Guard

Avant Guard

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At Avant Guard Financial Group, we believe in providing clients with the best protection possible and are devoted to developing our products and services, using extensive research and expertise to grow together with our clients.

All our efforts are designed towards providing assistance and access to:
Vibrant, dynamic and professional staff with the expertise to identify needs and formulate solutions.

Value for money with the most reasonable deals in insurance protection and brokering services.

Customised protection with specific product coverage tailored for target markets with different needs.

A focus on service with professional and reputable business practice directed towards your convenience and satisfactions.

Fast, effective claims handling that fights your battles for you – protecting your interests, not those of the insurer


At Avant Guard Financial Group, our talented professionals strive to provide you with the most comprehensive insurance coverage and the right product for your individual needs, offering a unique service that is widely diversified in areas of risk management and protection and applicable to all types of insurance. Just some of our strengths and achievements include:
Knowledge of the global insurance marketplace. We devote ourselves to analysing market trends and insurance policies so we can offer the most extensive range of products and affordable premiums.

Diversity of products. We offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your insurance needs, ranging from family car insurance to large-scale corporate risk management.

Claim support service. Our insurance specialist will be available to help you when it counts, at claim time. We will help you with submitting your claim, negotiating the best possible outcome and also following up on fulfilment.

Understanding of risk. We carefully analyse individual circumstances and are able to provide coverage for exposures that even some of the biggest insurance companies overlook.

Flexible, individualised service. Unlike other insurance companies we are not ‘size and bulk’ oriented, which means that your own individual situation is considered closely and products are tailored for your needs.

Emphasis on research. Keeping abreast of the latest and best policies and monitoring ratings on each product means that we continue to improve our services, offering the best deals and most effective security.

Global alliances. As an authorised representative of Insurance House Group, we have strength and buying power in the global insurance market, allowing strategic relationships with many exclusive and well-respected insurers. This means we can supply innovative, high-quality products at the most competitive premiums and push the barriers of the conservative insurance industry.


Avant Guard Financial Group is committed to delivering the highest quality service to our clients. Every staff member we employ is driven by a passion for service and is devoted to our business philosophy.
With long-term, dedicated employees that exude energy, creativity and a fierce work ethic, you can be sure that you are dealing with committed professionals striving to provide premium service.
As we grow as a company we are committed to change and innovation. Our experienced staff are constantly exploring new ways to improve our solutions and services, drawing on an expansive range of industry contacts and relationships.

Head Office
12/160 Lytton Road, Morningside, Brisbane, QLD 4170
Phone: + 61 7 3161 8560 | Fax: + 61 7 3009 0575 | Mob: 0402 213 607